ITC Sustainability Approach : For All Our Tomorrows

ITC's Education & Stationery Products Business endeavours to embed the principles of sustainability, as far as practicable, into the various stages of product or service life-cycle including procurement of raw material / service, manufacturing of product or delivery of service, transportation of raw materials and finished goods, and disposal by consumers.

  • 1. Well-being out of waste (WOW)
    The WOW programme reaches out to corporates, schools & households & educates these stakeholders on segregation of wet & dry waste. The dry waste is picked up by the WOW team, segregated and the paper based waste is sent to Kovai & Bhadrachalam. At schools, instead of cash pay-outs to the students, stationery is offered as a barter deal in exchange for post-consumer waste. A significant portion of input raw material in the form of waste paper & board is sourced through ITC's WOW (wealth out of waste) programme.
  • 2. Triple Bottom Line: Balancing Social, Economic & Environmental Impacts
    ITC's Education & Stationery Products Business has embedded simple interventions into product design & development, by working towards sourcing significant raw materials, products and services in a manner so as to continuously improve the balance between social, economic & environmental impacts.

    Our core category of notebooks (representing 90% of our revenues) uses ozone bleached ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) paper sourced from our Bhadrachalam Plant.

    Externally sourced paper from Messrs International Paper & Trident is also ElementalChlorine Free

    Recycled board for notebook covers comes from externally sourced vendors.

  • 3. Encouraging Sustainability with Value Chain Partners
    We are continuously working towards building capacity such that all the value chain partners, namely the third party manufacturers (TPMs), service providers including transporters and suppliers of significant raw materials, are sensitized and empowered to fulfil their roles and responsibilities towards sustainability.

    Vendors are encouraged to implement, sustainability interventions aimed at

    Energy savings

    Reduced water consumption

    Reduced air & noise pollution

    Reduced waste

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