Is doodling fun? Silly question, right?

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    Posted by : classmate Date : 03rd June 2016

    Is doodling fun? Silly question, right?

    Almost all of us are proud (or not so proud) owners of pages dedicated to the popular art form of doodling. Right from boring classrooms to dreams that just need to be on paper, doodling has become more than just a pastime. It is a stress buster, a creative expression, and sometimes even cathartic.

    If you are not a doodler yet, or if you want to know how to get better at it, here are a few tips to help you:

Keep your tools handy

Keep your tools handy

Inspiration or boredom can strike whenever, and a doodler should always be armed with supplies like pens or pencils, papers, markers, highlighters, ink pens, etcetera.

Its now or never

Like in any art form, it is important to listen to your urges and inspiration. Right when you feel like you want to doodle, get your tools and start doodling because if you ignore these urges, they may pass. The best way to get better at doodling is to do it more regularly. Sometimes inspiration comes after you just start doodling randomly, so quit waiting and just put your pen to the paper.

It’s now or never

Be free, be creative

Don’t restrict yourself. If flowers or your name are your favourite doodling topics, it’s time to mix it up a bit. Try association. Doodle whatever you can associate with the regular stuff. For example, Flowers > Vase > Sun > Birds > Animals > Human figures > speech bubbles > words, etcetera.

Open up to your senses


Don’t limit yourself to your imagination. You will be surprised how inspiring it can be to doodle from your senses, like doodling what you see or what you hear. It can be things as simple as what you see on your desk, and what you can hear, like someone shouting on the playground, or something that you have heard about - like a famous personality, doodle what concepts or objects sound like. For example, doodle what the properties of magnetic field sound like.

Be innovative


Create your own doodle world - an imaginative world where you decide what people and other things look like or what they do. This will help create your own style and it will definitely be a lot of fun.

These are just a few ways to take to doodling, and to take doodling to the next level. Once you get comfortable with these, you will realise that pen and paper can be great deal of fun.

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