Are you using social media the right way?

  • Are you using social media the right way?

    Posted by : classmate Date : 14th May 2016

    You’ll be well aware of this phrase if you are a part of the social media generation.  From an era of letters to the telephones, and now to chatting on social media, we have come a long way. A large part of our life now is occupied by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, and the list goes on. While the effect and impact of social media on teenagers is highly debated, let’s look at the ways we can use it for our benefit. 

1. The one-stop destination for current affairs across the world

Unlike the older days when people depended on television and newspapers for news, you can now learn about all that’s going on around the world while scrolling through your Twitter feed. Thanks to the ever updating social media platforms, the news is readily available to us within seconds.

2. There are multiple perspectives shared on one topic

Gone are the days when we would blindly believe the information spoon-fed to us. This generation of social media is aware and likes to question every topic or issue. This does not only help gain multiple perspectives on the same matter, it also helps us broaden our horizons and makes us more open and accepting of different opinions. 

3. The perfect platform to showcase your talent

The dependence on third parties to present one’s talent and skills has significantly reduced. With platforms like Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube, everybody from a dancer to a photographer can put their talent in front of the world. Ever since the rise of Justin Bieber through YouTube, teenagers have become more confident in demonstrating their good work to their friends, and to the world.


4. The availability of communities for personal support and connect

Social media has opened up avenues to address issues which were not taken seriously before, like bullying among teenagers. They act as support groups and also act as a platform to discuss solutions for many issues with people who have similar experiences. 

5. Connecting with friends and relatives has never been easier

5. Connecting with friends and relatives has never been easier

With social media by our side, distance is no longer an issue when it comes to staying connected to our near and dear ones. We can be miles apart and yet be aware of the events occurring in our friends’ lives. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp allow us to connect instantly. In an ever so fast paced life, social media platforms can help a great deal in staying in touch with those who matter.


While the disadvantages of social media is heavily talked about, it is important to understand that with a little amount of monitoring and precaution, social media is a great tool. It’s up to us to embrace the responsibility that comes with the power of using this technology.

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