• Board Games for your Toddler

    Posted by : classmate Date : 01st March 2016

    Children learn best while having fun. Precisely the reason why board games provide an excellent means of boosting your child's cognitive development. Besides, they provide one other way for a parent to spend quality time with their kids. Board games are an excellent way of bringing a family together and make precious memories in the process. They also teach a kid how to be a good sport. A good mix of winning and losing while playing a certain game imparts the very valuable lessons of losing gracefully and at the same time doesn't harm their fragile self-esteem. They teach the all important lesson of healthy competition and prepare the kids to handle both, triumphs and disappointments equally well. In today's world, with the boon of modern technology in the form of enough and more games on smart phones, computers and Ipads, kids are becoming gadget addicts at a very early age. The charm of our own childhood days and the happy vibes we used to get from the simple games we played elude the kids of today. Hence introducing our kids to the same board games that we grew up with has become all the more important in today's day and age. They may be old - school but is still a remarkably effective way to introduce your kids to rules of fair play while having fun. Here's our pick of 5 board games which will keep your toddler entertained for hours just like it did for you. Brace yourself for a trip down the memory lane!

Snakes and Ladders

1. Snakes and Ladders

An excellent way to teach your kids to wait for their turn, to count spaces and to deal with consequences at the roll of their dice

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2. Memory Game

It is a wonderful memory enhancement exercise for your kid and promotes recognition of patterns and images.

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Memory Game

3. Ludo

As with any game of dice, it imbibes in them the early understanding that life isn't rally fair at all times!

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4. Scrabble Junior

It is a brilliant way to help your child brush up on their ABCs and boost their vocabulary without really goading them into it and is a perfect blend of learning and having fun.

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	 Scrabble Junior
Hungry Hippos

5. Hungry Hippos

It can be played by a kid as young as 2 years and is a remarkable way to encourage motor development for your toddler.

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We daresay that while playing these board games with your kids, you will have as much fun as they do, if not more. Go ahead, get these board games if you already haven't and do write to us and share fun photographs and experiences while playing with your child.

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